Kristine (krepander) wrote in yasmin_28,

The stuff that is not in the book.....

2 questions:

Lets say you drop one placebo week to skip your period. How do you treat the new 3 weeks when it comes to accidentally taking a pill more than 12 hours late? Would the new week 3,4 and 5 (I call it that since you have 6 weeks of pills and then one placebo week, I hope you follow me) be treated as week 2 (where you don't have to use backup) or as week 3 (where you either stop or continue longer). This got messy, I'm not so much worried about the birth control part of it, just wondering what other people do or have been told to do.

What do you do when you become one day ahead on your pill? I once thought it was wednesday, and saw that my tuesday pill and wednesday pill was still in the packet, and I thought I forgot yesterday's pill and almost took both of them. But I checked a calendar in time and realized it was only tuesday and I didn't forget anything. If I had taken two pills that day, would I be ok to just wait 48 hours until I took the next one on thursday (to still finish on the same day I was suppose to), or should I have moved everything one day closer so I started my placebos one day early?

Thanks for the help. I'm just curious, there's no emergency.
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