Kat Djordjevic (katdawgger) wrote in yasmin_28,
Kat Djordjevic

Yasmin with Plan B

I am a Wednesday starter and usually get my period on Saturday. On Thursday night I had sex and he came inside me. To be extra safe, we bought the morning after bill the next morning. I took the first pill at 11am, the next at 11pm. I kept taking my yasmin as I always have been and I haven't had my period yet.
Why would that be? I understand that I could very well be pregnant, but could it also be because of the morning after pill is taking more hormones away from me than I thought?
I'm planning on talking to a doctor soon, but I was just wondering what your thoughts were and whether or not I should of continued to take my Yasmin or not or any helpful hints. Do you know much about Plan B?
Thank you.
- Kat
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Will you update after you go to the doctor? I'm on yaz and pretty much went through the same scenario last week, except I decided to just pray that my regular birth control would be enough, haha. I'm curious to know if taking plan b in addition to your normal birth control is actually any more effective at preventing pregnancy.
I personally don't know much about Plan B. I have never used it and I have no idea how it interacts with Yasmin or how it affects your hormones/period/etc. Definitely talk to a doctor about this.
So are you saying that he came inside you when you were on your placebo week?
Because you're still protected even on your placebo week.On a related note, I took the plan B after unprotected sex and then started a new pack of yasmin(I had been off it for a few months). The only thing that happened was that my period was pushed back a few days because I took the pill later then my usual day.


February 9 2009, 01:25:52 UTC 8 years ago

what is a palcebo week??

n what is plan b??

im so confused now

Your palcebo week is the week in your birth control pills that are all white and they don't have hormones in them.
plan b is a morning after pill that you can get at walgreens if you ask at the pharamcy counter. You have to be 18 to buy it.
Wow. That's a lot of hormones to put in your body. You're already protected with Yasmin, and taking Plan B is equivalent to taking perhaps four additional pills.
I just want to update everyone. Even though this was over a year ago, it's still getting comments and I wanted to update everyone on what happened.
I freaked out because I was supposed to get my period the morning after we had sex, and it never came. That morning I went to get Plan B. My period didn't come for over a week but I kept taking my yasmin with no breaks, as if nothing happened.
I guess it took a long time for my period to come because I had put a lot of hormones in my body at one time, but it did come. I didn't get pregnant and everything is good!



May 23 2010, 15:24:22 UTC 6 years ago

Im just curious how about how long did it take for you to get your period? because i had a friend who didnt get hers for what felt like a month and a half or a bit more.