Kat Djordjevic (katdawgger) wrote in yasmin_28,
Kat Djordjevic

Yasmin with Plan B

I am a Wednesday starter and usually get my period on Saturday. On Thursday night I had sex and he came inside me. To be extra safe, we bought the morning after bill the next morning. I took the first pill at 11am, the next at 11pm. I kept taking my yasmin as I always have been and I haven't had my period yet.
Why would that be? I understand that I could very well be pregnant, but could it also be because of the morning after pill is taking more hormones away from me than I thought?
I'm planning on talking to a doctor soon, but I was just wondering what your thoughts were and whether or not I should of continued to take my Yasmin or not or any helpful hints. Do you know much about Plan B?
Thank you.
- Kat
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