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Finishing my first month!

Today I've been reading lots of reviews of Yasmin to try and figure out if it was alright to have unprotected sex with my boyfriend while on the placebos. I've decided to use condoms just in case. While making my decision I read multiple "horror" stories from women who had been taking Yasmin and noted that many of them were suffering multiple side effects. I would like to take this time to describe my first month of Yasmin to perhaps counter balance all the negative I have just been reading about this ultra-low dose HBC.

To begin I will tell you that I am 24 year old non-smoker/drug user and have been a vegetarian since I was 18, and I will call my lifestyle one of Medium Activity. I live in a city and tend to walk or bike wherever I go but I do not take time out of my day to practice any traditional exercise methods. Yasmin is the first HBC I have ever used.

I started Yasmin the first day of my period, 21 days ago. Tomorrow I start my first placebo pill, and while I realize I do not need to take them I am a very forgetful person and loose track of time. This first month of being on Yasmin has, for the most part, been as if I had not started a hormonal medication at all.

I have not experienced any extra bleeding, migraines, emotional fits, or weight gain. I have experienced enlarged and tender breasts, like I get right before my period. My appetite has, for the most part, been cut back and I am able to leave a plate with food and accept that I am full. The amount of liquids I consume on a daily basis has grown significantly thus I find myself using the bathroom more frequently. I have also noticed that my stool has been looser than normal and not as regular as I was before. I have not decided whether it is Yasmin completely or the change in how much I've been eating.

To comment on acne, since it is a popular topic for those using HBC's, I have noticed a ever so slight improvement on my face. The acne not being as deep or painful as it was before, however, I do still have acne. I am waiting to see how the placebo week treats me.

I take my pill at 2pm and occasionally I would feel nauseous after taking it with my daily multi-vitamin and decided that it was the multi-vitamin that was causing the nausea so I take that after I have eaten a full meal and not at the same time I take Yasmin. The nausea has not bothered me for the past week so I assume I guessed correctly that it was the Multi-vitamin causing some imbalance.

I find myself less stressed than normal and I would have been considered someone with a high stress lifestyle. I have also found that I am not bothered by the less stress where before I would have found other things to be stressed about to make up the difference.

Overall I can say that Yasmin has been a positive experience for me and has allowed my boyfriend of 5 years and I to have unprotected and spontaneous sex for the first time ever. I would not hesitate to recommend Yasmin to any other woman looking for a low dose HBC.
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