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acne-not on yasmin

i have shit insurance, a shit doctor, a shit derm, etc. i have just about every topical, though- OTC and prescription. i was getting some nasty bacne for a minute, but that's going away now, but now my face is looking to' up. i'm thinking it's hormonal, as i just started a birth control pill again, loestrin 24 fe, 3 days ago (coincidentally, to clear up my back). i've taken aviane/aleese before and it helped my skin, but i seemed to gain weight on it, so i'm stuck.

anyone have any experience with these aforementioned BCs? anyone swear by a BC that keeps you clear and doesn't make you gain crazy weight? should i try ortho? i can't afford yaz.

i do take vitex/chasteberry, an herb used to regulate hormones which i dunno if it's helping.

also, the doc gave me some antibiotics for my skin (doxycycline) and i threw up this morning after i took 'em. i'll try again tomorrow with food, even though it's supposed to be taken on any empty stomach, and even though I HATE TAKING ANTIBIOTICS AS I AM PRETTY MUCH A NATURAL MEDICINE GIRL AND KNOW HOW BAD THEY ARE FOR YOU IN THE LONG RUN.

one more thing, my skin is pretty dry lately (i've stopped tanning since december, i moisturize like a fiend, take omegas, drink at least 8 BOTTLES of water daily, and i use a humidifer), but it's still dry. and no, it's not eczema. i got rid of that by doing cleanses.

any input (birth control shout outs, supplement suggestions, etc) would be appreciated soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much.
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In March of 08 I began to have a pain right under my breast bone. This went on for 2 weeks and finally got bad enough that I finally went to the dr. She told me that it was more than likely an ulcer. After 2 days more and the symptoms getting worse, I went to the emergency room where they too told me it was an ulcer. Mind you, they never did anything but a little blood work. The next day, March 14, it became so bad that I had to call 911. I was vomiting blood and about ready to pass out from the pain. I got to the ER and within 20 minutes died. I was dead. After being brought back they rushed me to an ultrasound that revealed that I had a blood clot in my portal vein. This supplies blood to the digestive tract. My mother was told I had less than a 1% chance to live. I was rushed into an emergency surgery, dr's not knowing what to expect once I was opened up. They found that my small intestine had died. I lost more than 85% of it. The next day, my blood became septic and all of my organs failed and once again my family was told I wouldn't make it thru the afternoon. I was placed on an old form of dyalysis as a last resort. I made it thru the day and eventually woke up from my coma that following Tuesday, 4 days after coming into the er. I have long and terrible medical problems. I was initally told that I would never eat or drink again. The dr's at the hospital where I first was and also the transplant and other dr's I see at UCLA have never seen anything like I had. Most people would have died so no one knows how to help me.

I know suffer from seizures, pulminary embolisms, chronic phemonia, a terminal blood clotting disorder ( yes, I said terminal.), and other serious medical conditions. Whats really scary, is this is just the short version of what occured. This entire incedent has left me an extermely bitter person.
Sorry, to bring this post back up . . .But was this caused by Yasmin alone or were some of these preexisting conditions? I've been on Yasmin since 2008 and still have absolutely no problems with it.
i just started ,once i readed all of this comment and effect of yasmin pill .i'm started to freaking out !!! and i wanted to stop at once and i eated 1 pill .if i stop this now will i get any bad effect as well??