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drospirenone and ethinyl estradiol

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Welcome To yasmin_28

This community was created for the purpose of discussing Yasmin/Yasminelle/YAZ/Ocella, a contraceptive pill. We encourage you to post about any back-up methods you may be using, such as spermicide, condoms, etc.

Members are encouraged to respond to the posts of others, answering questions and relating experiences, even if their question is one that has been asked 1,000 times over. After all, you likely had the same question at one time.

1-800-230-PLAN - reach the nearest Planned Parenthood health center
1-888-NOT-2-LATE - obtain information regarding emergency contraception available in your area

- This is not debate. Posts protesting the use of contraceptives will not be tolerated.
- Promotions will be tolerated, within reason. Promotion posts must be as short and sweet as possible, and the purpose of the promoted community must involve a semi-related topic, i.e. contraception, sexuality, gender issues, etc. If the promotion is any more than 3-5 lines, we must ask you to lj-cut it. Posting community banners is prohibited unless it is under an lj-cut tag. For information on using lj-cut, please see this site.

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